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The Wolf of Wall Street’s other car was a Ferrari Testarossa…

This gleaming white 1991 Ferrari Testarossa was delivered new to a certain Jordan Belfort, the infamous banker immortalised by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s 2013 blockbuster, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’…

Star quality

Forget Miami Vice – the Wolf of Wall Street best embodies all that was good and bad about the era of excess, espadrilles and cocaine included. On the silver screen, the film’s main protagonist Jordan Belfort drives a white Lamborghini Countach. And while Belfort did have a Countach in real life, he also inevitably owned the other teenage bedroom-wall pin-up of the time, the Ferrari Testarossa – and this is that very car. Supplied to Belfort via a New York Ferrari dealership in 1991, the car has since passed through the hands of a number of collectors, all of whom have kept it in immaculate condition. Showing just over 8,000 miles on the clock and complete with its original tools and luggage bags (in one of which a scrunched up 50-dollar bill was found – make of that what you will…), this Testarossa is currently for sale with Classic Driver dealer Monegasque Classics in Monaco. Whether you’re a budding banker or a discerning collector, this Testarossa’s provenance certainly distinguishes it from others on the market.  

Photos: Monegasque Classics

You can find worldwide selections of both Ferrari Testarossas and Lamborghini Countaches listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.