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Your chance to beat a Testarossa with a stick, and get away with it

One of the more bizarre items of automobilia we’ve come across, this Ferrari Testarossa-themed six-piece drum kit is up for grabs at Bonhams’ December Sale…

The limited edition kit, made by Remo, used to belong to Ricky Lawson, the legendary American drummer who played for, among others, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Phil Collins – all staples of the 1980s, just like the Ferrari Testarossa that adorns the individual drums. It will be sold by Bonhams at The December Sale, taking place on 10 December in London, estimated at £1,500-2,000. Of course, if you’re not a drummer but are in the market for a real Ferrari Testarossa, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find over 60 examples of the classic Ferrari poster car listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, of which we’ve selected 10 of the best as a sample below. 

A selection of real Ferrari Testarossas for sale on Classic Driver