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This gunmetal grey Ferrari 512 M might be the ultimate Testarossa

Painted in 'Canna di Fucile Metallizzato' over a Beige/Castoro interior, this low-mileage Ferrari F512 M might be one of the rarest and most desirable iterations of the whole Testarossa lineage. Now this gunmetal-grey gem is coming up for auction with RM Sotheby's on 26 January 2023 in Arizona.

With its uncompromising wedge shape and massive flat-12, the Testarossa was the archetypal Ferrari of its era. Produced for 12 years, from 1984 to 1996, and prominently featured in TV shows like Miami Vice and Sega video games, the Pininfarina-designed sportscar was one of the most impactful and successful sportscars ever built in Maranello. Today, the Ferrari Testarosssa has become a highly desireable collectable. While purist collectors prefer the early 'Monospecchio' models for their original, untouched design, more ambitions drivers prefer the 512 TR that was introduced in 1991. Even so, the fastest, rarest and most desirable iteration of the flat-12 legacy was the F512 M.

Every aspect of the model was refined from the previous version, with particular attention paid to the chassis, engine, and cosmetics. Numerous internal engine upgrades, including titanium connecting rods and other lightened components, along with increased compression, helped bump engine output to 440 horsepower; a noticeable boost over the preceding 512 TR. Only 501 cars were produced, 75 of them for the United States. The F512 M coming up for sale with RM Sotheby's on 26 January 2023 in Arizona is one of only two known examples finished in 'Canna di Fucile Metallizzato' over a Beige/Castoro interior, a colour combination that recently made us fall in love with this Ferrari 512 TR, but it looks even better on this smokin' hot machine.