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Officine Fioravanti's TR Alte Prestazioni just invented the Hyperclassic

When you take one of Ferrari’s most-loved models and announce a modern reinterpretation of it, you must ensure it’ll do the original justice. Thankfully, Officine Fioravanti know what they are doing!

The ambitious undertaking of a successor to the iconic Ferrari Testarossa first began in October 2021, where Officine Fioravanti were so struck by the media attention and positive reception, it caused them to reconsider their entire operation. We’ve seen it before, the right minds, the right designers, the right ideas all come together, they tease something out and in doing so sets the world alight, and then, nothing. Projects stall, money runs out, and quietly, they fade into the ‘what could have been’ darkness. 

That, is precisely what isn’t happening with this project. Officine Fioravanti has coined a new automotive vision, Hyperclassic. They are aiming to elevate its work and bring it to a new level, where past motoring icons receive custom designs, components, performance and driving dynamics that elevate them to the elite ranks of the hypercars we have all admired and dreamed about over the last decade.

The TR Alte Prestazioni will be a refined to the team’s exacting standards. It goes much further than bringing the car up to modern-day standards, giving it up-to-date brakes or engine components that make it a bit easier to life with. Their goal is to completely rework the car, giving it an entirely new DNA, from the mechanicals, the electronics, and its overall aesthetic. They will, therefore, turn the TR into a fully-fledged hypercar. A Hyperclassic, no less.

We feel is there is a lot more to come from this talented team, and we are sat ready and waiting to see more, but for now, all we have is these stunningly low-lit imagery to get us by until the next update! Follow Officine Fioravanti on Instagram here.