1974 Ferrari 365



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    70 670 km / 43 913 mi
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The arrival of the Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB would mark a seismic shift in the company's approach to its highest caliber road going sports cars. Despite the beginnings of Ferrari’s transition from a front-engine layout to mid-engine in the late 1950’s for their race cars, Enzo Ferrari held a strong belief that a mid-engine sports car was too much for his customers to handle. Ferrari’s flagship 12 cylinder cars would remain front-engined through the end of the 60’s and into the very early 70’s, with the resplendent 365 GTB/4 Daytona and 365 GTC/4, until the world saw the introduction of the 365 GT/4 BB at the 1971 Turin Auto Show.

Created to rival both the achingly beautiful Lamborghini Miura and the newly developed and angular Countach, the 365 GT/4 BB featured a streamlined, low, and extremely aggressive design approach by Pininfarina, with its wedge shape nose drawing direct inspiration from the angular 1968 Pininfarina P6 concept car. Pininfarina went a step further, with a key design element to the exterior being an indent line that runs the perimeter of the body, visually creating an upper and lower half to the body, further streamlining the aesthetics. This line was further emphasized by the “Boxer” paint finish, which has contrasting matte black on the lower part, and a gorgeous paint coat on the upper, providing a tantalisingly engaging look for years to come.

Released to eager Ferrari clientele in 1973, the 365 GT/4 BB would signify the introduction of the first mid-engined road-going 12-cylinder Ferrari, beginning a new era and forever changing the marque’s approach to its flagship 12-cylinder road-going cars. Akin to a torch being passed, the final Daytonas and the first 365 GT/4 BB cars would be in production contemporaneously. Showcasing a true thoroughbred flat 12 derived from Ferrari’s 1970’s Formula One car, the 365 GT/4 BB received a longitudinally mounted 4.4L engine which produced a monsterous 375hp when new, sitting atop a five-speed manual transmission allowing it to go on to be crowned the fastest road car in the world upon its unveiling with a top speed of 300km/h.

The Cultivated Collector’s 1974 Ferrari 365 GT/4 BB, chassis 18171, is arguably one of the finest examples found today, having covered 70,670km since new. Chassis 18171 previously underwent an extensive refurbishing ensuring the car would perform flawlessly in the grand touring capacity, which sees 18171’s Rosso paint coat over a reupholstered Nero leather interior present spectacularly today in near perfect condition, complete with Classiche Certification. A recent recipient of extensive servicing at Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, CT, this example is as beautiful as it is capable, ready to devour the open road or live amongst a collection.

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