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Nocturnal adventures with a Ferrari 365 GTC/4

In-the-know collectors have long since discovered the merits of the Ferrari 365 GTC/4, but who knew the sporty Gran Turismo looked so damn good in orange? We spent one night in Hamburg with this special example…

The 1970s will forever be remembered as the decade for car colours – never have the city streets looked as colourful as they were then. This 1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 is resplendent in orange and proves that elegant Gran Turismos from Maranello needn’t always be painted red, dark blue, or silver. And be honest with us – is there another shade that looks so beguiling under the bright lights of the city? This Classiche-certified Ferrari can be seen in all its glory in the Classic Driver Market

Video: Kai Klinke