1995 Bugatti EB 110


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Monegasque title
Chassis no ZA9BB02EOSCD39044
Engine no B11001

- Built for the IMSA series and Le Mans 24 Hours
- Lovely condition
- Ultra rare, ultra high performance
- Ran in practice for 1996 Le Mans

A true racing enthusiast who loved Bugattis, Gildo Pallanca Pastor decided after getting his world speed record on ice to prepare another EB110 SS Bugatti for racing. Already in touch with the factory at Campogalliano, it didn't take long to get the agreement of the directors to give their technical support to this new venture. Gildo had several plans in mind for 1995 but after competing in the 1994 Sebring 12 hours, he was enthralled by the IMSA championship, then at the height of its popularity in the USA.
Based on the Monaco Racing Team he had set up in 1994, Gilldo Pallanca Pastor and the factory spent the winter fettling their car. Daniel Pernoud, formerly a member of the Ligier Formula 1 team, was the director. Its preparation involved a long list of jobs to do and parts, such as making a carbon fibre front spoiler, fitting light weight Makrolan side windows, installing ceramic brakes (production brakes were steel, and Le Mans regs then required that brakes were of the same material), fitting an FIA approved roll cage, double fuel lines, special BBS wheels, Magnetti Marelli dashboard and instruments, specific electronics and telemetry, quick release fasteners, a special steering wheel, bucket seats, harnesses, fire extinguishers.....even though the all wheel drive system was retained, the car was still 200 kg lighter and stiffer than before. The engine delivered 611 BHP and was tuned to deliver increased torque over a wider range.
With drivers Patrick Tambay from Formula 1 and Gildo, the car was entered in IMSA races at Watkins Glen, Sears Point, Suzuka, Zhuha and Daytona. The car was called The American Dream and it was fast enough to target Le Mans.
Even though Bugatti was now in bankrupcy, the following year found the car practicing for Le Mans. Patrick Tambay had a lot of experience at Le Mans but had an accident in qualifying and the car was damaged. There wasn't enough time to repair it, so the car was a non starter. The beautiful dream was over....
Monaco Racing Team bought a quantity of spares when the factory was bankrupted and repaired the car. The EB would be seen again at a BPR race at Dijon. But that was its last outing.
Today the condition of this Bugatti EB110 Super Sport or Super Competizione depending on which register you use as a reference, is beyond criticism. The car has a new carbon fibre chassis and its looks are all the better for its more curvaceous rear wings. The car has as many modifications as Michel Hommel's car, which he entered in the 1994 Le Mans where it lapped almost as fast the Porsche 962s.
The standard EB 110 SS had a four turbo 3.5 litre V12 and a top speed of 355 kph. This was exceptional for the 1990s and still is even now.
Gildo Pastor registered the car in Monaco and it comes with a clean road worthiness certificate, several sets of wheels with wets and slicks as well as a set of five BBS magnesium wheels. The car has always been well maintained and its second owner sent it to be serviced by the top specialist for the marque in Italy before the sale. The car is running well and was driven to Molsheim for the most recent Bugatti Festival. Its driver was heard to say, "If anything, it's really too easy a drive!" This car has a fabulous history, and it's the embodiment of Gildo Pastor's dream to enter a Bugatti again at Le Mans, the world's most famous endurance race. This unique car combines beauty with ultra high performance. It's also one of the most accomplished racing GTs of the Nineties. Road registered and useable on the roads.... What more do you want?