Up your coffee table game with the definitive Bugatti EB110 book

Have you always been fascinated by the extraordinary tale of Bugatti Automobili and the mighty EB110? Finally, there’s a definitive book coming titled ‘The Last Bugatti Racing Cars’, which tells the entire story like never before…

Last year, we dove into the rollercoaster story of the Bugatti EB110 perhaps more than any other publication. We spent a weekend with the car’s godfather Romano Artioli at his home in Trieste; we stormed the historic centre of Vienna with the only two factory EB110 racing cars; we visited La Fabbrica Blu, the abandoned dream factory in Campogalliano; and we were granted an exclusive audience with the new Centodieci, the modern-day Bugatti’s long overdue tribute to the marque’s Italian chapter. 

We were therefore delighted when we received news of The Last Bugatti Racing Cars, which is billed as the ultimate book on the EB110. To date, nobody has attempted to compile a definitive work on the Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. saga. While this new, beautifully designed 300-page tome – written by three respected Bugatti experts and featuring hundreds of previously unseen photographs, technical drawings, data sheets and race reports – focuses on Bugatti’s last two factory racing cars, the EB110S Le Mans and the EB110S IMSA, it provides an unequalled overview of the rise and untimely fall of the revolutionary 1990s supercar. There are even eyewitness testimonies from some of the EB110’s key protagonists, from race engineer Dieter Gass to racing driver Derek Hill. 

The Last Bugatti Racing Cars will be sold as both a blue-covered Le Mans Edition and a silver-covered IMSA Edition, and launched at Rétromobile in February. Only 110 copies of each will be published, priced at 459 euros. Additionally, there will be a signed and leather-bound Publishers’ Edition, of which 35 copies will be produced priced at 1,100 euros each. You can register your interest in purchasing a copy by clicking here

Photos: The EB110 Book 

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