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Remember when Automobili Bugatti decided to take the EB110 racing?

In the 1990s, Romano Artioli’s struggling Bugatti transformed two EB110 supercars into endurance racers. Now, a new documentary featuring interviews with Artioli himself as well as test-driver Loris Bicocchi and designer Giampaolo Benedini sheds new light on the ultimately ill-fated venture…

The method behind the madness

Directed by Davide Cironi, the 35-minute free-to-view documentary chronicles Automobili Bugatti’s brief foray into the world of endurance racing. Towards the end of Artioli’s venture with the innovative EB110 in the mid-1990s, the decision was taken to take the supercar racing. Two cars were built – an SC GTS-1 for IMSA GT and an LM for Le Mans. While they weren’t particularly successful, their story is quite fascinating, as this beautifully shot film starring the protagonists behind the racing programme shows. 

Video: Davide Cironi / Photos: PM Images, Juergen Skarwan

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