Celebrate the good life on these handmade Dutch lifeboats

These quirky Dutch lifeboats offer all the style and ability of a much bigger yacht, without the vast expense and impracticality…

Waterdream Boats hand-builds these lifeboats in such a way that even in the choppiest of waters, they remain phenomenally fast and incredibly stable. This is predominantly down to the clever hull design, similar to that of a RIB. They’re powered by 25HP Yamaha engines and boast high freeboards, ideal for curious children eager to peer over the edge of the boat. There’s even an on-board lavatory and a small cabin, making all-day excursions with friends of family possible. So, will it be a cruise in the Solent or a jaunt around Ibiza?

Photos: Waterdream Boats

For more information, visit Waterdream Boat's official website.