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Life is a beach with these 10 topless summer cruisers

Let’s be honest here: the most majestic mansion in Saint Tropez or at the Costa Smeralda is worthless without a proper beach car in the garage. So, in order to save you some time to work on your holiday tan, we've picked 10 beach cars that will let you arrive at "La Spiaggia" in style.

There's a time in the year when you should leave your grand tourer or supercar parked in your garage and settle for something simpler, less impressive, but far more enjoyable. After all, Aristotle Onassis had one, as did Grace Kelly, and, of course, Gianni Agnelli, who wanted to belong to the haute volée in the 1960s, never let himself be seen without his beach-ready vehicle on the coast of the Italian or French Mediterranean. With their roofs chopped off, doors removed, and light basket seats, these compact summer cruisers were ideal for commuting between the summer house, beach, and marina. But you don't need to go for an original, custom-built Fiat Jolly to steal the show, a Meyers Manx, Volkswagen Beach Buggy or Mini Moke can be just as cool. Here are our favourite 10 spiaggine to get you from berth to beach.

10 perfect beach cars for your summer holidays