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You’ll do more than desk diving with this custom Rolex Submariner

Customised Rolex wristwatches are nothing new, but we’ve never seen one quite as striking as this Submariner, which was modified by the artists Phillip Toledano and Johnny Dowell to better channel its maritime spirit…

The New York-based British conceptual artist Phillip Toledano, who goes under the alias Misterenthusiast on social media, has teamed up with the master engraver Johnny Dowell, aka King Nerd, to create a series of bespoke Rolex wristwatches with engraved dials reflecting each model’s respective spirit. The first, based on a Submariner from 1995, boasts a bronze dial with an intricate hand-etched image depicting an old-fashioned submariner entangled with a creature of the deep – ironic for a ubiquitous watch that, 95 percent of time, will never dive further than the deep end of a swimming pool. 

In addition to the entrancing miniature artwork, the stainless-steel case and stripped dial have been sandblasted, the classic Mercedes-shaped hands have been skeletonised and a black diamond set in white gold sits proudly on the bezel at 12 o’clock. “The most important part of this collaboration is to create a watch that feels less like a ‘custom’ and more like a piece of wearable art,” Dowell explains. Just six of each of the themed Misterenthusiast x King Nerd Rolexes will be produced, and the five subsequent Submariners will cost 25,000 US dollars each. You can message Toledano on Instagram directly if you’d like to add one to your collection. 

Photos: Misterenthusiast x King Nerd 

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