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Bamford’s brilliant beater watch just got a Mayfair makeover

As a durable and stylish watch you could wear every single day and in any situation without ever worrying about, Bamford London’s Mayfair was hard to knock. Now, there’s a new version: the Bamford Mayfair Date, incorporating a date complication and a snazzy new dial design…

Signature style 

With its signature Mayfair, Bamford Watch Department’s independent offshoot Bamford London provided watch buffs with a simple and stylish time-only piece that could be customised in myriad different colour and strap combinations. As an affordable beater watch to wear and not worry about, perhaps when your Bamford TAG Heuer or Zenith is in for a service, it’s the perfect choice. Well, it was the perfect choice – Bamford London has just revealed the Mayfair Date, with a handy date function and a striking new dial design reminiscent of that found on Autodromo’s fabulous Group B. Beneath the surface beats a Swiss Ronda 715 Date quartz movement, while as you’d expect, there’s also a seemingly infinite number of aesthetic options, some of which are particularly bold. A word of warning – you might end up keeping the Bamford Date affixed to your wrist more than you’d have initially thought.  

Photos: Bamford London

To buy your own Mayfair Date, please visit Bamford London’s website. Alternatively, you can find hundreds of vintage and modern wristwatches listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.