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Thrilling tests and testing regularities await the 79 crews competing in Rally of the Tests 2021

HERO-ERA have taken the 18th months afforded by the pandemic to perfect the nineteenth running of the rally that everyone wants to win - the Rally of the Tests 2021.

79 crews, with 34 drivers and navigators from all across Europe have begun to congregate at  the city of Leeds as they await the start of the Rally of the Tests 2021. Ahead of them lies 750 miles and three days of driving (plus the evening prologue) as they make their way from the starting point in Leeds to the finish line in Edinburgh, but what can they expect on the road ahead? 

According to HERO-ERA competition director, Guy Woodlock, “intense” is the best way to describe this year’s rally. “The two-year gap has given us plenty of opportunity to not just hone the route, but also take into consideration competitor feedback” says Guy, “Lots of the crews wanted an earlier finish each day, which we have managed to accommodate without losing any actual competition time.” The result is a rally with very little filler, and very little time for the drivers to relax, so they’ll need to be on top form if they wish to claim the coveted podium position when they arrive at the finish line in Edinburgh.

Tests will visit hill climbs, army camps, and of course circuits, and resurrect classic venues, such as Duncombe Park, that have been off limits to rallying action for a number of years. From the North Yorkshire Moors, through Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, the scenery will be just as spectacular as the driving, but there will be precious little time to enjoy the view, as the tests will of course be linked by challenging regularities, some of which will occur at night. As ever, Guy is maintaining his reputation for giving away as little about the route as possible until the event begins, but it’s safe to say that the Rally of the Tests 2021 is likely to over deliver. It’s impossible to tell who will emerge victorious, so we’ll just have to wait for the prologue, which according to Guy will “sort the men from the boys”. We simply can’t wait for everything to kick off on the 4th of November.

Photos by Will Broadhead.

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