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Surf and turf with the Waterdream Speedster and a 700HP Defender

Dreamt up by the wizards at Tophat Classics and developed in partnership with Waterdream boats in the Netherlands, this rear-wheel-drive Land Rover Defender is a 700HP Chevrolet Corvette Stingray in disguise…

Just as Waterdream pushes the boundaries of modern design and technology with its beautifully minimal and entirely handcrafted dayboats, Tophat aims to do the same with its extensively modified Land Rover Defenders. Now, the two brands have teamed up to build two respective machines that raise the bar once again. 

Just when you thought the fiercely popular modified Land Rover Defender couldn’t get any more outlandish, Tophat goes and drops a Chevrolet V8 kicking out 700HP into one and converts it from four- to rear-wheel-drive. The matte green Defender 90 Waterdream also features a new body kit, an interior clearly inspired by the 1960s Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, racing APP brakes, and app-controlled air suspension. There’s also a raft of details matching the sleek new Waterdream Speedster lurking in the background. Billed as the world’s fastest ‘sloep’ tender, the special edition boat is powered by a 300HP Yamaha V6 that’s punchy enough for someone to barefoot water-ski behind. 

Photos: Waterdream 

You can find a selection of Waterdream dayboats, including the Speedster seen above, listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.