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Snapshot, 1966: Not a good day for Honda Racing

It’s 4 September, 1966 – and at Monza the Honda team is worried. The engineers have given Richie Ginther’s F1 race car a new three-litre V12 engine, but it would bring the Californian driver no luck at all...

Honda’s early days in Formula 1 were difficult, to say the least. Between 1964 and 1968, the factory team with its red and white cars managed only two victories. At the Italian Grand Prix of 1966, American driver Richie Ginther took the wheel of a 370HP Honda RA273 to take on the likes of Jack Brabham and John Surtees, Dan Gurney and Graham Hill. Here we see the Honda technicians gathered around the racing car in the pits, no doubt concerned about the troublesome new engine. At the start of the race, however, things went well… with Ginther leading, until a very nasty accident on lap 17 saw the car out of the race, Ginther injured, and lucky to escape with his life. For Ludovico Scarfiotti, it was a day of triumph, taking his Ferrari to the only F1 victory of his racing career. 

Photo: REX/LAT Photographic

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