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Read how ‘The biggest little team in the world’ took Grand Prix racing by storm

Hesketh Racing competed at their highest level of motorsport to the beat of their own drum. Containing stories unlike any other from a sport dominated by silence and maturity, Porter Press’ latest book brings their roller coaster F1 journey to life, by those who experienced it first-hand.

"It was a different world back then", a term used so frequently to describe those bygone, often care free days. This couldn’t be truer in Lord Hesketh’s case, a patriotic 22-year-old who was determined to take his promising young driver, James Hunt, to World Championship glory, with a few parties and helicopter rides along the way. 

In a new book published by the ever-insightful Porter Press International, Hesketh Racing’s dramatic story of fame, fashion, friendship, females and fast cars is brought fully to life, documented by Lord Hesketh himself, as well as Bubbles Horsley, Nigel Stroud, Dave Sims, Peter Gaydon, Rupert Keegan and Frank Dernie.

The book also includes a plethora of never-before-seen images from Lord Hesketh’s personal scrapbooks and photo albums, with a collection of superb archive photographs in colour and black and white, and detailed captions to ensure you’re completely transported back to the key moments of their racing history. Despite their playful persona, Hesketh Racing were fiercely competitive, and having arrived in Formula 1 in 1973 with a rented March, they quickly set about building their own car. It would go on to win the 1974 International Trophy at Silverstone and the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort – putting James Hunt on the road to superstardom, the rest, as they always say, is history. 

Our own JP Rathgen was fortunate enough to host a talk with Lord Hesketh about the book at this year's London Concours, so we can't recommend you check it out enough! We’re delighted to have both the Standard and Collector’s Edition versions of “Superbears - The Story of Hesketh Racing” now in the CD Shop, a must-buy for any avid Formula One fan!