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Relive Brun Motorsport’s roller coaster journey with this limited-edition book trilogy

Loaded with fascinating tales from the very beginning, right up to the success with Porsche and BMW, this new 962-page trilogy documents the unconventional career of Walter Brun, and it’s now available in three variants in the CD Shop!

To some, racing is something that is passed down through generations, through speed-hunting grandparents or apex-hugging distant cousins. However for Walter Brun, the love of speed and racing started with only him, and later grew into a family-wide passion for motorsport. He started work at a post office, getting his driving kicks illegally long before he had a driver’s licence. From that he moved his way into slot machines, then a disco, and even had his own champagne business. All of that was great, but Walter had racing on his mind. 

Racing became his entire life, and now thanks to one of Walter’s sons, Sacha Brun, together with the authors Thomas Nehlert, Eckhard Schimpf and Peter Wyss, this trio of exceptionally high-quality books look back on the racing exploits of both Walter and Brun Motorsport spanning over 40 years.

The books naturally delve into great detail around the Swiss team’s endeavours in the World Sportscar Championship, which they famously won in 1986 and later became a full-fledged chassis constructor. During this season the fleet consisting of a Porsche 962C and two 956s grew with another pair of 962s, with one being dedicated solely to competing in select rounds of the North American IMSA GT Championship, gaining them a second-place finish overall in the championship. 

During the making of the book a staggering 1,200 photos from racetracks around the globe were collated, as well as imagery from the set-up of the cars, victory celebrations and private moments, showcasing the glamour but also the reality of life on the motoring circus. Sacha perfectly summarises what seeing these photographs evokes: "It is a unique team story, marked by a passion for motorsport that does not exist a second time and will never exist again.” 


Limited to just 99 copies worldwide, the Collector's Edition is one of three variants, and has been hand-signed by 14 drivers of the Brun team, including four Le Mans winners and four former Formula 1 drivers such as Leopold von Bayern, Gerhard Berger, Thierry Boutsen, Jochen Mass and more. This fine trilogy of books also available from the CD Shop in both Limited Edition and the Walter Brun Edition, and is an absolute must for any lover of motorsport.