Mamma Mia! Look at those curves...

At last, a new issue of 'Curves' has arrived in the Classic Driver office. For the third edition of his popular magazine, switchback fetishist Stefan Bogner travelled to Northern Italy with his camera...

A photographer who explores mountain roads and snaps each and every individual curve? It might sound odd, but it's actually one of the most creative and successful ideas to emerge from the Photoshopped monotony of automotive publications in recent years.

Stefan Bogner, a photographer and product designer from Munich, has already released two issues of ‘Curves’, and both sold out almost immediately. The beautifully illustrated magazine takes you on a picturesque journey, passing from Lombardy to Veneto and then on to the South Tyrol. Once again, Bogner will leave your mind tingling. Will it be a 911 Carrera on the Stelvio? A Delta Integrale for the Passo di Giau? Or a Dino on the Gavia Pass? Our imaginations are still running wild.

Those wishing to do the tour themselves should get a move on, as – in the Alps at least – the winter arrives quicker than you might think.  


Visit for more information about the third edition of ‘Curves’.

It's not only the Alps which Stefan Bogner explores: cameras at the ready, he’s currently travelling throughout the western states of the USA. Keep up to date with him via his Blog.