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You won’t feel guilty about not driving this Ferrari 250 TR

That’s because you can’t. Incredibly, this is a 1:8 scale model created by the maestros at Amalgam Collection, built in a limited run of just 14 to honour the 1958 Le Mans winning Ferrari 250 TR driven by Olivier Gendebien and Phil Hill.

Normally, ownership of an incredibly rare and historically significant car, such as the Ferrari 250 TR that won at Le Mans in 1958, is accompanied by a rather unpleasant catch. You’ve poured immense amounts of cash into acquiring this holy grail automobile, and yet you fear driving it for the risk of damage or accumulating unnecessary miles. Luckily, the miniature masterminds at Amalgam Collection have solved the conundrum for you by producing this incredible 1:8 scale recreation of the car driven to glory by Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien. 

Shrinking one of Ferrari’s hallowed race cars was no easy feat, however, and development of the base model took over 4000 man hours to perfect. Each of the 14 examples of this stunning model take another 450-plus hours to carefully construct, and then weather to make it seem as though they just finished a 24 hour stint at Le Sarthe. These aren’t just randomly applied smatters of grime either, because the weathering details are precisely applied by artisans in Bristol using archival imagery as a reference. And if this incredible model isn’t awe-inspiring enough, each of the 14 examples will be accompanied by an A1 archive quality Gicleé print showing the car cruising down the pitlane after its historic victory in 1958. So, if you want the joy of owning one of Ferrari’s finest race cars without all the hassle, check out this fantastic model below.