Bench & Loom: McQueen style

The Bench & Loom clothing store is much more than just a fashion house. As well as the expected gentlemen’s clothing range, it also offers limited-edition books and a selection of accessories – not to mention the occasional custom-built motorcycle.

Without a doubt, Steve McQueen is still a style-defining icon, even 31 years after his death. Anyone who's committed to replicating the actor’s style should find plenty to their taste at Bench & Loom: much of the range is inspired by ‘men of character’ such as McQueen and Hemingway.

Alongside the company’s mainstay attire, periodical limited-edition collections appear in the ‘Specialty Shop’. Until recently, the ‘Motoring Shop’ offered various motorcycling accessories, crowned by the $250,000 Brough Superior Retro ‘Pendine Racer’ covered previously on Classic Driver.

Bench & Loom: McQueen style


Photos: Bench&Loom

To peruse the Bench & Loom collection, visit the website – and be sure to check out the latest offerings in the ‘Specialty Shop’ during your visit.