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A revival for your wrist: 50 years later, Amida watches are back!

Founded in 1976, Amida had a clear ambition to make stylish and durable watches for the keen driver. Now, 50 years later, the brand has returned, and their new ‘Take Off Edition’ is now available in the CD Shop!

The renaissance of 1970s chic is very much in full swing. We’ve seen trousers progressively get wider, mimicking those flares once seen flicking down a boutique-filled high street of the 1970s. We’ve seen the same influence in car design, with the likes of Hyundai rifling through their history books to dig out the schematics of the Pony, only for it to be reimagined into a wedge-shaped EV for the modern age. Now, it seems Amida Watches want a slice of the 1970s action too, and are bringing back an icon of the driver’s watch scene. 

Despite being founded way back in 1925, it wouldn't be until 1976 when Amida first gave the world the ‘Digitrend’, which launched at the Basel fair as a pioneering piece of design, featuring the first ever ‘casquette’ timepiece in mechanical form. This Swiss watch with futuristic lines has been so clearly inspired by the sports car designs of the era, and was a true hybrid before its time, combining a mechanical movement and original LED-style display.

Even back in the 1970s, the Digitrend was a loving tribute to a magical decade, where space-age enthusiasm gave way to boundless opportunities and retro-futuristic style. This new interpretation sees much of the same styling reborn, now with even more refined finishes, an automatic movement equipped with a jumping hour module, a sapphire prism for the side display, and a clear, precise ‘digital’ readout.

So if you’re looking for a truly unique piece of design, one that fits effortlessly on your wrist and looks unlike any other watch on the market right now, you’re going to want to head over to the CD Shop, where you can pick up one of the gorgeous ‘Take Off Edition’ watches now!