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Still Suave at Sixty – the Aston Martin DB5 celebrates a landmark anniversary

It’s perhaps the most adored Aston Martin ever made, and a car that is as effortlessly stylish as it is refined and dynamic. As the DB5 turns 60 years old in September 2023, we take a look at some glorious models we have listed on the Classic Driver Market.

Aston Martin was enjoying success with the DB4, which despite being 5 years deep into its production life by 1963, was right up there with the very best sports cars on offer. By the early 1960s, those rivalling sports car makers, both at home and on the continent were developing some new ideas, and Aston Martin needed the DB4’s successor to be something special. 

Making its official public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1963, the newcomer featured several designs, technical and equipment changes over the DB4. The DB5’s most notable change came in the form of a major engine development, delivering more power, but ensuring its unrivalled style and desirability remained a key component to the car’s ethos.

September marks exactly 60 years since Aston Martin unveiled the DB5, a model that would go on to become an icon of British culture, design, and innovation, as well as giving a helping hand to firmly establish Aston Martin as one of Britain’s most desirable luxury brands.

Sixty years old and as stylish as ever, here’s 10 that caught our eyes: