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10 stocking-fillers from the Sotheby’s Agents of Style sale

Be it an indulgent purchase or a gift for a loved one, cufflinks and pens are hallmarks of the Classic Driver’s inventory. Here is a selection that will soon go under the hammer…

On 30 November, Sotheby’s will hold its Agents of Style sale in New York, at which it will offer, among a plethora of other stylish accessories, a number of elegant pairs of cufflinks and pens. With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it a good idea to select 10 of our favourites to serve as inspiration for you ahead of your Christmas shopping. And as an added bonus, some lots even include a watch, such as the elegant LeCoultre featured above. You can find the entire Agents of Style catalogue listed in the Classic Driver Market. 

Cufflinks and pens from Agents of Style