The Ruby Castel Helmet: For cool-headed riders

Think a full-face helmet isn't cool? Well, now there’s no need to compromise your style for safety – Les Ateliers Ruby has answered the prayers of Café Racer enthusiasts and launched the Castel, offering a suave approach to head protection.

It’s been a successful few years for the French helmet manufacturer – and now, just in time for the brand’s fifth anniversary, it’s launching another piece to top off its collection of retro-inspired motorcycle helmets. Like its predecessors, the new Castel melds classic looks with contemporary materials; it features a carbonfibre shell with titanium detailing, while the inside is lined with the brand’s signature red nappa lambskin. However, those that were planning to use the Castel in classic races should be aware that, unfortunately, it’s not yet FIA-certified.

Meanwhile, in order to achieve the ultimate in biker panache, you’ll of course need to wear the visor-less helmet with matching shades. Perhaps a pair of Persols, similar to McQueen's pair that sold at auction in 2006 for a staggering 70,000 U.S. dollars?

The Ruby Castel Helmet: For cool-headed riders
The Ruby Castel Helmet: For cool-headed riders The Ruby Castel Helmet: For cool-headed riders

The Castel certainly has both character and soul – something we’d expect to appeal to the gentleman riders in the short film ‘Long Live the Kings‘, featured elsewhere on Classic Driver.

The new Castel helmet can be yours for about £770.

Photos: Les Ateliers Ruby


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