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Spice up your life with these Pumpkin-shaded driving essentials

Say no to pumpkin spiced lattes and get ready to drift into Halloween with our most thrilling orange accessories and collectibles.

It’s the time of year where every storefront is awash with orange-shaded items, some spooky, some cutesy, and others, just plain crazy. While the Classic Driver Shop doesn’t have a flagship store along London’s jam-packed Oxford Street just yet, we wanted to get into the autumnal spirit with a hand-picked selection of our favourite orange themed driving essentials that will pair perfectly with your pumpkin spiced latte. 

From hand-crafted sculptures of motoring’s elite created by Stephane Dufour, to Gulf orange inspired wall art, to vibrant watches from Bamford Watch Department, our carefully curated selection has plenty for you, a car-obsessed loved one or your house to get into the fall flavour!