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Trader's timewarp: Delivery-mileage Lamborghini Countach for sale

For those who have seen ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and fancy teleporting back to the late 80s, this ‘brand-new’, delivery-mileage Countach for sale exclusively through Classic Driver will have you reprising the roles of Jordan Belfort or Gordon Gekko in no time. This is your wake-up call, pal…

With the boiler room boys of the 1980s splashing their cash in the most dramatic manner possible, it’s little wonder that the Lamborghini Countach was a favourite. Even by the time the 25th Anniversary edition arrived in 1988, the basic design was still arresting – though the flared arches, enlarged rear ‘air boxes’ and much-specified optional spoiler added a touch of visual strength to reinforce the owner’s financial muscle.

Untouched since 1990

You might think that a quarter of a century on, no amount of money in the world would see a brand-new Countach on your driveway – but you’d be wrong. Classic Driver has unearthed this time-warp 25th Anniversary example which has never been driven since the owner took delivery back in 1990. The mere 187km (116 miles) displayed on the odometer is the result of testing by Balboni’s boys at the factory, before it was delivered to the climate-controlled environment in which it has remained ever since. Checked over on a monthly basis, with an interior treated regularly, it’s no doubt the closest anyone will come to the experience of owning a brand-new example of arguably Lamborghini’s most memorable supercar.

Now all you need is a low-mileage 1980s pin-up to occupy the yet-to-be-graced passenger seat; though finding one whose looks have matured as nicely might be a tough task.

Photos: Tim Scott of Fluid Images - Copyright Samuel Laurence

This unique Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary model can be found exclusively in the Classic Driver Market.