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These two 1980s Ferraris really are as good as new

They still exist, those small miracles that collectors hardly dare to dream about anymore. This Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole and its successor, the 328 GTS, are in incredibly original condition having been almost untouched by their owners. Now they’re both for sale on Classic Driver…

Some grandsons inherit a family business, a model railway, or a collection of model cars. In this case, one lucky grandson was left a Ferrari 328 GTS that has been preserved in completely original condition and covered just 514km since 1989. If that car wasn’t enough for the German Classic Driver dealer Bastian Voigt, he also has an example of that car’s predecessor for sale, a 308 GTS from 1984 with just 763km on the clock. To find two of Ferrari’s most important and successful models in essentially the same state they left the factory is a real rarity.

More than 3,000 of the angular Pininfarina-designed Ferrari 308 were built between 1975 and 1980. This particular Quattrovalvole example spent the majority of its slumber in Monaco before it was sold to its current owner in 2012. Even those not familiar with Ferrari’s greatest hits will recognise this as the car of TV detective Magnum – as such, a stick-on moustache is a must for the glovebox.

The Ferrari 328 GTS that Voigt has in stock also shows no apparent signs of use. Its brilliant red paint raises your pulse as only a Ferrari can while its sporty black interior embodies simplicity and purpose. It was delivered to a wealthy entrepreneur in Munich and, remarkably, was put into storage after just four days – the holes for the license plates were not even drilled. The pedals show zero scuffs and the original wheels and tyres are immaculate. Its owner was clearly a forward-thinking enthusiast as he had a second 328 for day-to-day driving!

The ‘as-new’ Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole from 1984 and the 328 GTS from 1989 can be found listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.