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The Porsche 911 GT3 goes undercover with the new Touring package

Natural aspiration, 500hp, a manual gearbox, and understated styling — we’ve already experienced the intoxicating recipe in the Porsche 911R, but now there’s a follow-up, thanks to the Touring package for the new 991 GT3…

The Porsche GT3 is a favourite for most automotive purists — it just so happens that the vast spoiler doubles up neatly as a dinner table, which speaks to many owners’ primary interest. The unadorned 911R was, therefore, the car for the more conscientious of drivers, but with lengthy waiting lists and vast premiums, getting hold of one proved rather tricky. With the Touring package for the new 991 GT3, which is reminiscent of the comfort version of the legendary 2.7 RS, Porsche has found a solution for those who missed out. From our perspective, at least, the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring is the perfect companion for the motorway, the racetrack, and the alpine pass. It’s equipped with the variable rear spoiler from the Carrera, a 500hp naturally aspirated engine, and a manual six-speed gearbox only, and the fact you can spec the package at no extra cost makes the joy even greater. Now, how many weeks are left until Christmas?

Photos: Porsche

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