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These two-of-a-kind disguised 911 GT3 RSs were built for the Porsche Family

Whether you’re a Porsche aficionado or a casual admirer, there are few giveaways to indicate that these seemingly-normal Porsche 991s are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing!

If you have ever found yourself scrolling contently through the vast array of classics and collectables on the Classic Driver Market, there’s a chance you’ve stopped and stared at one of Eberhard Thiesen GmbH & Co. KG listings. With an admiration and deep understanding of the classic car market spanning over 50 years, this Hamburg-based candy shop truly is a place where dreams can come true, especially when those dreams involve a golden-era automobile! It’s not just classics that this wonderful team specialise in though, as these images might have suggested. But they are also on the lookout for special modern rarities.

This is a brief look into how a pair of ‘blank’ Porsche 991 Carrera 4S models morphed into perhaps the ultimate driver’s 911s. Forget the 911 R, forget the GT3 Touring, these are the only 911s you’ll ever need. But who could commission such special machines? Well, both cars were created for a prominent member of the Porsche family.

Visually, even the eagle-eyed amongst you may struggle to find any indication of what's hiding underneath each of these 911s. Of course, the stunning Oakgrün Metallic paint ties in perfectly with the light brown leather found in both cars, which does a great job of distracting any suspicious onlookers.

However, this pair’s secret lies beneath their bodywork, boasting an engine and gearbox taken directly from a GT3 RS. With nearly 500 bhp mated to the ever-popular PDK transmission, this pair of 911s allow the driver to experience the rawness of an RS whilst maintaining a level of practicality and discretion when needed. While they share the same heart as the RS, the base cars' all-wheel-drive systems are still very much present, making these the only two AWD GT3 RS-powered 911s in existence. Of course, the cabriolet includes one more unique feature as it is the only 991 cabriolet with this GT3 RS specification. By removing almost every hint of their RennSport hearts, these incredible cars make even a GT3 Touring or 911 R look extreme by comparison, showcasing just how effortlessly simple and stylish a regular Carrera 4S’s design is.

Vehicles created for the Porsche family have always represented a personal link between the brand’s history and its founder family, and we think this pair might be some of the most important. Despite there being a handful of other rare collector’s vehicles carrying the same level of status, technological customisations are likely to be extremely rare and therefore exceptionally appealing, especially considering the contrast between how these 991 look compared to what’s hiding behind the trunk!

Sadly, both exceptional pieces of Porsche history have already been sold to lucky new owners, but we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on what Eberhard Thiesen GmbH & Co KG are selling next!