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You won’t believe how the Lamborghini factory looked in 1992

In September of 1992, John Temerian of the Miami dealership Curated’s father visited the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata. The resulting access-all-areas film of the trip is a spellbinding snapshot of the marque at that time, worlds away from the corporate professionalism of the Raging Bull today…

Access all areas 

A sneak peak of the Diablo production line. Technicians casually working on a Countach parked outside in the September Sant’Agata sunshine. Administrative women including the legendary Ingrid Pussich horsing around with test-driver Valentino Balboni. The behind-the-scenes film shot by John Temerian Snr, the father of the Miami-based collector car dealership Curated’s John Temerian who headed the US Lamborghini service department for Palm Beach, in 1992 is a stark and charming look at a very different Lamborghini to the company we know today. Temerian Snr was an avid Lamborghini fan, who understood their rarity, value and visual impact long before the collectors of the world cottoned on. His cheeky relationships with the tiny, tight-knit staff in Sant’Agata at the time, which contributed so greatly to the legend of the marque, is a testament to that. Pour yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy this rare glimpse of a bygone era of supercar production in Italy. 

Video: Curated 

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