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The Nardone Automotive Porsche 928 is the reborn grand tourer of our dreams

Nardone Automotive have knocked it out of the park with their reinterpretation of the Porsche 928 - find out all the details on the new resto-modded grand tourer below.

If you’re a Classic Driver reader, you’re probably a fan of the Porsche 928. Over 60,000 928s were made over 17 years, and yet they never built a successor. Thankfully, Nardone Automotive and designer-extraordinaire Carlo Borromeo have decided to fix that with the introduction of their retro-modded 928 by Nardone Automotive, and doesn’t it look fantastic?

Nardone Automotive set out with the goal of transforming the 928 into a tailor-made, modernised GT, and it seems they’ve absolutely nailed their brief. Firstly, let’s talk design. Clearly Carlo Borromeo has gone for a less is more approach, opting to preserve much of the 928’s timeless design while updating key elements such as the front and rear lights, the wheels, and of course the front and rear bumpers. The ultra-clean bodywork, which is almost entirely made of carbon fibre, seems to draw inspiration from the widened arches of the 928 GTS, while the spoiler-less rear-end falls more in line with the 928 S4. Riding on 18-inch forged reinterpretations of the old ‘manhole’ 16-inch wheels, the 928 by Nardone Automotive is a masterclass in respectfully updating an icon of automotive design.

Inside, the general architecture of the old 928 remains, but swathes of Foglizzo leather and Alcantara ensure this updated 928 feels every bit the luxury grand tourer. The gorgeous new gauge cluster looks straight out of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, while the centre-console now incorporates Porsche’s PCCM system to allow Apple CarPlay, so you can really put the luxury Hi-Fi system to the test.

However, the upgrades aren’t just aesthetic, because Nardone Automotive have revamped the 928’s naturally-aspirated V8 to produce a target 400bhp, all managed by a modern ECU. The gearbox has been upgraded to a six-speed for more comfortable highway travel, while a limited-slip diff and active electronic suspension have also been fitted to help this 928 corner like a Porsche should. First deliveries are expected in 2024, while we’ll catch a first glimpse at Goodwood Festival of Speed in a few weeks. We simply cannot wait.