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Daniel Arsham’s NEBULA 928 gives Porsche’s classic GT the Y2K treatment

Daniel Arsham, the Kyza, and Porsche have joined forces to create one of our favourite restomods to date. Meet the NEBULA 928, a purple-toned Y2K dream ride.

It’s been around 15 years since Pimp My Ride finished airing, but we think Xzibit would definitely approve of Daniel Arsham and Porsche’s latest creation: the wonderfully-Y2K Porsche NEBULA 928. Following on from last year’s Nardone Automotive 928, it’s great to see Porsche’s iconic V8 grand tourer finally getting the love it deserves in the restomod scene, especially as the NEBULA 928 takes inspiration from the best of the early 2000s aesthetic. 

Looking as futuristic as a Sony Ericsson flip phone and as sweet as a grape-flavoured Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, Arsham enlisted the help of rendering maestro Khyzyl Saleem for the redesigned front and rear bumpers. Inside, you’ll find custom woven fabric courtesy of Byborre, as well as a redesigned aluminium steering wheel and shift knob. All in all, we’re head over heels for the NEBULA 928, and if you are too, then be sure to check it out at the Porsche X space at the SXSW convention in Austin, Texas between March 10th and 19th.