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Jaguar’s electrified the E-type, and it’s shocked a lot of people

Accompanying the significant news that all its vehicles will be electrified from 2020 on, Jaguar has revealed a one-off electric E-type in a bid to future-proof classic car ownership…

Shocking news

It’s a move that will no doubt cause widespread controversy, but rest assured, Jaguar has the classic car community’s long-term interests in mind with its E-type ‘Zero’. The one-off conversion has been built to gauge customer reaction and demand, with the intention of eventually bringing the car to market. Engineered at Jaguar Classic Works in Coventry, the conversion equips the E-type with a bespoke 220kw powertrain, which propels the car from 0–60mph in 5.5 seconds (a second faster than the original), LED headlights, and a frankly bizarre-looking digital dashboard. Thankfully, the 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster, upon which the car is based, can be reversed to accommodate its original XK engine, such are the size and weight similarities between it and the new electric unit. Having recently experienced the soul-stirring growl of an E-type first-hand, we’re dubious about whether this car — even with its 42kg weight reduction — could come close to the original in terms of driving excitement. But we admire Jaguar’s audaciousness — who knows which other models (or manufacturers) will follow suit? 

Photos: Jaguar Land Rover

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