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King Nerd’s cool custom engraving in the new Jaguar E-Type

Jonny Dowell, AKA British designer and artist King Nerd has collaborated with Jaguar for their E-Type 60 Collection by custom-engraving the centre consoles of the six matched pairs of the legendary sportscar.

Sixty years ago in March 1961, the E-Type made its world debut down in Geneva. The public reaction to the lone coupé made available for test drives was so strong that Jaguar rushed a second car to Switzerland, an E-Type roadster, driven from Coventry to Geneva overnight. Legendary racer and Jaguar test driver Norman Dewis was told to ‘drop everything’ to get the British Racing Green roadster ’77 RW’ to Geneva for the next day. To celebrate this important date in Jaguar's history they have built six 'matched pairs' of the coupé and roadster, painted in the original launch colours. You can't just buy one car though, they have to be bought as a pair!

The most distinctive element to each of these specially produced cars is a bespoke engraving by British artist and designer King Nerd. Using the centre console as his ‘blank canvas’ he has recalled the original routes from Coventry to Geneva for those first E-Types. Each piece of art takes more than 100 hours to create by hand and is produced in consultation with the owner.

Commenting on the work, Johnny “King Nerd” Dowell said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to design and engrave the stories of two epic drives by two Jaguar legends in these iconic and special cars. A permanent reminder of the anniversary, everywhere these E-Types go, the memory of Bob Berry and Norman Dewis will travel with them.”