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Every rain cloud this summer could have a Nardo Grey lining…

What better way to bump-start your summer of adventures than with a Land Rover Defender that’s been breathed upon by the stalwarts of style at Cool & Vintage in Lisbon, Portugal? After all, why wait for Friday when the rest of the week is there for the taking?

Rain or shine

With this 2002 Land Rover Defender D90, the unpredictable summer British weather will no longer stop you from heading to the beach — be it Porthhcurno, Compton Bay, or Scolt Head. Recently, the Nardo Grey Defender has been decked-out with BF Goodrich Mud tyres, a custom cage with contrasting black mohair roof, a water- and UV-resistant Dice and Onyx interior, and a rubberised bed to combat the salty seawater and pebbly sand brought in from the brave British beachgoers or, more likely, an unexpected torrential downfall from the sky. With an unprecedented warm summer supposedly ahead of us, this may just be the perfect beach buggy for you and your friends. 

Photos: Cool & Vintage 

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