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The Devil wears Carbon for Eccentrica's upcoming restomod beast

They have brought us the Automobili Amos Futurista and the Nardone 928 restomods. Now the designers at Borromeo de Silva have done it again by reimagining the mythical Lamborghini Diablo as a carbon-clad contemporary supercar. The Eccentrica brand and V12 beast will launch on July 6 in Milan.

"For us kids from the 1990s, the Diablo is not a simple car, it's a fever dream, a promise that life can and should be exceptional," says Carlo Borromeo of the influential Milanese design studio Borromeo & De Silva. Carlo and his team have become famous for reimagining the Lancia Delta for Automobili Amos' Futurista and Safarista projects. Last year, Borromeo & De Silva presented their vision for a contemporary restomod based on the Porsche 928 for Nardone. Not only that, but they are also the creative force behind Maserati's experimental FuoriSerie thinktank. Now the designers are about to reveal their first customized supercar. And while Eccentrica's wedged wonder is based on Marcello Gandini's visionary design, the designers and engineers have not left a single stone unturned, promising a completely new take on the icon from Sant'Agata. "This is our most ambitious project so far and we're really proud of helping Emanuel and the Eccentrica team achieve their vision. Things are about to get loud again, so best get ready." We cannot wait for next week's reveal...