Buy a Fittipaldi EF7, get a Formula 1 World Champion for free

It’s one thing to partake in the odd track day, but another to experience the adrenalin-filled sensation of a cutting-edge competition car at the very limit. That’s exactly what F1 and Indy 500 legend Emerson Fittipaldi is aiming to help amateur drivers achieve with the new EF7 Vision Gran Turismo…

More than ‘just’ a car

Sleekly styled by Pininfarina and engineered by German firm HWA AG, the carbon-fibre, track-only supercar was designed as an approachable machine in which amateur drivers can, with the expert guidance of Fittipaldi, hone their skills and eventually experience the car’s impressive capabilities to the fullest. It’s for this reason that the EF7 is fitted with a predictable (yet powerful) naturally aspirated V8, adjustable traction and ABS control, individually fitted seats, and an ultra-light, extremely strong carbon-fibre monocoque, inspiring both confidence and peace of mind. There’s definitely an air of LaFerrari about the styling, particularly around the cockpit, and although Ferrari stated that the Cambiano design house had no input in its flagship supercar, we all knew it did, in fact, have a part to play. Perhaps this is Pininfarina’s gentle way of taking some credit?  

As its name suggests, the car will also feature in the cult-classic racing video game Gran Turismo, allowing enthusiasts around the world to drive the car — virtually, at least. It’s not been revealed how many EF7s Fittipaldi Motors will build, though customisation is expected to ensure each car differs drastically from its counterparts. We suspect the real draw of the EF7 won’t be the car itself, but rather the personal tuition and guidance from Fittipaldi — a man who, having won two Formula 1 and Indy 500 championships, knows better than most how to extract every last ounce of performance from a machine. And we’re sure that during a tea break at the circuit, he can regale you with some no doubt risqué tales from his illustrious career.

Photos: Pininfarina 

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