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Alpine goes back to the future of sports cars with the new A110

Other manufacturers may say that keeping it simple is the key to driving nirvana, while others subscribe to a ‘more is more’ approach. The newly revealed production version of the Alpine A110 tows the line between both of these theories, and that’s what makes it so special…

Classic in formula, not components

Despite the number of recent attempts at rebooting classic designs with modern attributes, a lot is often left to be desired when it comes to the overall package of these retro reissues, with the end result often being ‘all show and no go’. Where Renault may have hit the nail on the head, though, is with its seemingly spot-on blend of new-school technology with the old-school soul of their new Alpine A110. After all, these cars are being reimagined for a reason, and while it may not be the sum of parts that is remembered, the resulting character is what makes petrolheads recall them so fondly and manufacturers happy to open chequebooks to remake them.

Made in France, built to drive

Rather than being fitted with a manual gearbox, a naturally aspirated engine, and other such throwbacks to the analogue era, the A110 is fitted with a 249bhp four-cylinder turbo and a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. The body platform is fully aluminium, with a racing-style flat floor for improved aerodynamics, resulting in a kerb weight of 1,080kg and a smooth body in line with that of the original, devoid of de rigour spoilers and other aero trinkets. With brakes developed by Brembo, wheels by Otto Fuchs, and one-piece bucket seats by Sabelt, Alpine has focussed on getting the best out of the small details to culminate in one competent package, choosing to curate modern technology fitting with the original car’s character rather than install updated componentry found in the original. While the paddle-shift gearbox and low-capacity turbocharged engine may seem out of place on a retro redesign, we’d hazard a guess that by focusing on reincarnating, not replicating, Alpine might have created a recipe for the new A110 not too dissimilar to that of its predecessor…

Photos: Alpine

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