This custom Norton is a superstar for the street

Making a great bike relies not only on having the finest components but also an intangible culmination of passion, experience, and creativity far greater than the sum of those parts. With this custom Norton race replica, it’s clear that the hands of an old master have graced its shapely silhouette…

Road racer, heart-rate raiser

In today’s social media-saturated world, where the tiniest trace of an authentic movement will be pounced upon for commercial gain or bragging rights, individuals like Reinhard Neumair are rare. As a senior member of the classic bike community, you’ll see no hashtags or filters emerging from his workshop, just top-quality bikes. With years both on track and utilising the tools under his belt, Reinhard’s credentials to create fine custom bikes are hard to beat, as is this retro racer built for a friend. Based on a 1965 Norton Atlas, the brief was to build a road-legal race replica — easier said than done in Germany, with its strict TÜV legislations. The Atlas bodywork was replaced with a handmade fairing, fuel tank, and tail section reminiscent of the racing greats of yesteryear, which are perfectly complemented by its classic combination of British Racing Green and polished metal. Delicate modern touches, such as twin headlights, subtle turn signals, and an LED taillight, don’t interfere with the aesthetic of a knee-down, apex-clipping racer — even its digital speedometer is hidden beneath an analogue Smiths tachometer. With the mildly tuned 745cc engine, complete with voluptuous velocity stacks atop the twin carburettors and custom exhaust, as well as Brembo front brakes to complete a seamless mix of show and go, this road racer is a sure-fire winner on the street. 

Photos: Rodrigo Stix

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