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Sexy scooters and magnificent microcars from Dorotheum in Vienna

On 10 July, Dorotheum will offer the wonderfully eclectic RRR collection of scooters, microcars and collectables in Vienna. These are our favourites from the jam-packed catalogue…

The RRR collection (denoting Roller, Rollermobile & Raritäten) in Eggenburg, Austria, was curated by Erich Schenkel and Norbert Mylius, two school friends who raced scooters competitively in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Over 20 years later, the pair decided to track their old bikes down and fix them up. The RRR collection was born. Today, it comprises around 150 quirky scooters and microcars built from 1948 to 1971, which are due to be sold by Dorotheum in Vienna on 10 July, a large proportion of which with very attractive pre-sale estimates. From well-known microcars such as the Peel P50 and the Messerschmidt KR to two-wheeled curios like the 1950s HWM ice cream bike and the bizarre, bulbous Peugeot Motorcycles F.M.C. S557B, this sale is great for those who love the left-field. You can find our 10 favourites from Dorotheum’s RRR collection sale listed below or, alternatively, browse the entire catalogue in the Classic Driver Market.

Our favourite scooters and microcars from Dorotheum in Vienna