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This Auto Fabrica SR500 may be the coolest off-road toy around

As one of its most popular builds, Auto Fabrica had to do something special for its latest take on the Yamaha SR500. And the result is as we’ve come to expect from the UK firm — a signature style intertwined with gorgeous bespoke details, with a unique exhaust system particularly grabbing attention…

Classically clean

As with any form of design, achieving a clean aesthetic with purity of design at the forefront is no easy task. Fortunately for us, Auto Fabrica has been building perfectly executed classic-inspired pieces for years, garnering adoring fans worldwide as a result. With this new build, dubbed the Type 7X, the blend of form and function has never been more harmonious. Take the exhaust — with a desire to go off-road, a standard low-slung unit would have impeded such muddy antics, so Auto Fabrica came up with a solution that is not only practical but beautiful. The upswept exhaust posed problems from not only a design perspective but also, more importantly, a heat perspective. Running the piping hot metal near the fuel tank ran the danger of heating up the fuel within, so the hand-fabricated tank hides a secret behind its flowing lines. One third of the tank is empty, allowing the exhaust to sit flush next to it, which, coupled with a hidden climate-adjustable aluminium front scoop aft of the tank, allows the components to stay cool. To finish off this most appealing of modifications, a statement exposed aluminium piece acts as a knee guard and flows elegantly from the tweaked tank. Subtle engine tweaks and practical upgrades keep this retro rocket up to speed with modern life, and of course, all the finishings are perfectly muted and on trend. The raw finish of the hand-rolled aluminium fenders and other details, coupled with the blue paintwork and chunky tyres, create an authentic yet modern piece, ready to be rallied, traversed over challenging terrain, or hurried through a city centre in understated style…

Photos: Auto Fabrica

You can find further information on the Auto Fabrica website, as well as a wide selection of motorbikes for sale in the Classic Driver Market.