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Auto Fabrica’s go-anywhere Type 7E proves less is always more

In the fiercely contested world of custom motorcycles, sometimes paring things back is the best way to stand out. Take Auto Fabrica’s new Type 7E, for example – an ultra-simple yet beautifully built scrambler based on the Yamaha SR500…

An even simpler take on the utilitarian Yamaha SR500, the Auto Fabrica Type 7E was built with extreme durability and off-road proficiency in mind. But that’s not to say this charming dirt bike would look out of place parked in pride of place outside a coffee shop in Shoreditch. As usual, Auto Fabrica’s level of finish is spectacular – from the handcrafted exhaust pipe, mounted high so as to increase the ground clearance, to the delicate aluminium mudguards and the navy hand-stitched canvas saddle, each detail is present for good reason and has been thoughtfully realised to ensure the Type 7E is a genuine go-anywhere machine.  

Photos: Auto Fabrica 

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