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This Porsche 930 Turbo is the original widow maker's last hurrah

In today’s market, any Porsche 911 is special, but when there’s an example described with the words ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Exclusive’, you know it’s going to be something rather special. Watch this widow maker as it heads to the The Classic Sale at Silverstone on August 28th.

Bursting on the scene in 1973 at the Geneva Motor Show, the 911 ‘930’ Turbo created an entirely new rulebook for the term ‘supercar’. At the time, Lamborghini were busy in the design room trying to conjure up a replacement for the Miura, while Ferrari were living La Dolce Vita with the 246 Dino. Porsche had to show the world why they were the obvious choice when it came to pure power and refinement, and the 930 Turbo did just that.

It's arguably the most famous 911 variant of them all, for reasons far greater than it being unpredictable to drive and a little tail-happy when it came to the twisty stuff. The Turbo was a new beginning for Porsche, both on the road and on the racetrack. Using tech developed straight from Porsche’s Can-Am cars (with slightly less turbo-lag), the 930 stunned the motoring world and production continued right up until this fine example in 1989. 

Before production was discontinued, Porsche marked the occasion by creating a very special, right-hand drive only, 'Limited Edition' 930 LE – regarded as the ultimate Turbo. Its engine was uprated from 3.0 litre to 3.3 in later model Turbos, with this example producing an impressive 330 bhp. The cars were then sent to the 'Exclusive' team at Zuffenhausen who painstakingly built each example by hand. 

The result is something truly remarkable, with just 53 produced, one for each UK dealership in 1989. To differentiate it from the regular Turbo, a host of bespoke no-cost options were offered, including colour-coded wheels, a choice of colours for interior and exterior, heated multi-adjustable electric seats, and gold ‘Turbo’ lettering stitched behind the seat to name just a few. 

With prices of early generation 911s rocketing, and regular models of the 930 easily surpassing six figures, we think the £140,000 - £180,000 estimates on this incredible example is somewhat of a bargain. Fancy adding it to your garage? The Classic Sale at Silverstone on the 28th August is where you’ll need to get bidding!