1966 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Sprint GT 1600 Veloce


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  • Chassis number 
    AR 246036
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  • Competition car 
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Approved for the FIA CT 18 category, period G2
Provided with FIA HTP passport
Competitive and provided with spare parts
Excellent candidate for several events

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GT is a car that needs no introduction: one of the sportiest and most desirable coupés of the 1960s, it was a car that indelibly marked the history of the Biscione. Presented in 1963, it was immediately a success: the elegance of the lines designed by Giorgietto Giugiaro for Bertone and the powerful 1600 engines made it a formidable car both on the road and on the racing fields.
Presented in 1965, 2 years after the presentation of the Giulia Sprint GT, the 1600 Veloce was undoubtedly an evolution of the successful Alfa Romeo coupé. With an output of 109 horsepower compared to 103 of the normal version, it positioned itself at the top of the range just after its presentation. The rarest of Bertone's Giulia GTs, it was a car that was welcomed with limited success: due to the presentation of the cheaper 1300 Junior, the Veloce was short-lived, after 2 years and only 14,000 units built. Replaced in 1967 by the 1750 Veloce, the 1600 is to all intents and purposes one of Alfa Romeo's most sought-after models, especially in the version with metallic paint and leather interior.
According to Alfa Romeo archives, the AR 246036 chassis was produced on 3 August 1966, painted in light metallic grey AR727 and equipped with a red leather interior. Sold on September 16 of the same year to Mr. Silva Antonio Celso of Monza, it remained in the area until it was modified into a competitive racing car. Purchased in 2007 by the current owner, it has been used assiduously in numerous historic events and races. The car is sold with an engine head, carburettor support, spare gearbox, radiator and dashboard.