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1963 Alfa Giulia Sprint Speciale
This car is a stunning example of the final version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, freshly restored, designed by the innovative and iconic Franco Scaglione.
The car was sold new in the Netherlands, it is one of the few examples designed for the Dutch market. In the Netherlands the car reportedly spent the majority of its life, going from collector to collector.
In 2021, during a trip in the Netherlands, the car was discovered and selected for restoration, returning to its native land.
The restoration work has focused especially on the body of the car, which presented some imperfections due to time and wear, the car has been fully repainted, bringing it to bare metal. The restoration was carried out to perfection and with the best materials in Tuscany by MB Classics, a garage specialized in the restoration of Sprint Speciale.
Also, the interior of the car has been restored. The restoration of the interns took place in Tuscany too, at Classiche by Olmi specialized in the restoration of upholstery and interns of classic cars, and the Chromes by Galvanica Partenopea.
The previous owner preserved the car very well doing all the maintenance work with great care. The vehicle has been inspected scrupulously by our mechanics, who have verified that it is perfectly functioning in every single part: internal equipment, lights, suspensions, clutch, gearbox, and synchronizer are all perfectly working. The braking system is perfectly functioning too. The tires are in good condition as well.
The car's interior was also restored, done in Tuscany at the upholstery workshop Classiche by Olmi, specialized in the restoration and maintenance of upholstery and interiors of vintage cars. Upon revising the car's mechanics, it was noted that the last collector had carried out all maintenance with great care: the car was already mechanically perfect. The meticulous inspection performed by our mechanics verified that the internal instrumentation, lights, suspension, clutch, gearbox, and synchronizer work perfectly. The braking system was also tested and is in perfect working order.

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