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We'd love to be stopped by this arresting Alfa Romeo Giulia Familiare Polizia

We are very pleased to present you with another beautifully restored Alfa Romeo. This ex-Polizia Stradale Giulia Familiare benefits from almost every part in Alfaholics catalogue and is a strong contender for coolest car of the year.

We are fortunate to live in a time where there is no shortage of fast estates, in fact, venture into a city centre and you’ll find an RS4 or E63 wagon on almost every street. The proliferation of the super wagon has restored some faith in humanity, however, it has arguably diminished the excitement associated with catching a glimpse of these once-rare beasts. 

This incredibly rare Alfa Romeo Giulia Familiare, currently for sale with Straderial, suffers no such issues, and instead reads like a petrol head’s Christmas wish list. With an estate-conversion carried out by Giorgetti, time spent serving under the Polizia Stradale (assumedly stopping casino heists), and a full host of Alfaholics parts, this is what we imagine weaponised cool looks like. 

If the trifecta of race-prepared, ex-police, estate car wasn’t enough to leave you gawping at your screen, its worth understanding the extent to which this beauty has been reworked. Having undergone a full bare metal respray in its original colour, “Polizia Stradale Green”, this Giulia then had the majority of Alfaholics' GTA-R catalogue thrown at it. It now boasts a 185 horsepower Alfaholics engine, GTA transmission, GTA-R suspensions, GTA-R brakes, and a stunning GTA interior. If you have a pulse and functioning eyes, then there’s really no need to describe why this Giulia is nearly as desirable as winning the lottery. After all, it’s hard to think of a car where the green over tan recipe has been better executed.