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This limited-edition Seiko reissue is black and white and cool all over

For their latest collaboration, Seiko and creative Japanese boutique White Mountaineering have reissued a firm Giugiaro favourite — the Rider’s Chronograph from the 1980s…

Time travelling

Limited to just 700 pieces, and to be sold exclusively in Japan, the new Rider’s Chronograph from Seiko and White Mountaineering takes the quirky and asymmetric Giugiaro design elements from the original series of watches (crafted to be easier to read while riding a motorcycle), but does away with the assortment of colours — instead opting for a clean black-and-white combination. And it’s also got a stainless-steel bracelet and case, both with a ‘super-hard coating’ for when the going gets rough. It’s only going to be sold in Japan, so you’ll have to look extra hard to find one from sources online, but do so and you’ll be the envy of all your watch-loving friends.

Photos: White Mountaineering 

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