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This Giugiaro-designed Seiko is a solar superstar

The latest in the illustrious line of Seiko and Giugiaro collaborations, the Seiko Astron Giugiaro Design Limited Edition is a nod to the past with some Italian flavour…

Solar-powered, satellite-connected

As the 1980s aesthetic continues its resurgence, the new Astron harks back to the Seiko and Giugiaro watches worn in the cult-classic Alien movies. With its solar technology powering the famous GPS world-time function that sets the Seiko apart, the 46.3mm titanium body is paired with a titanium bracelet and retains the trademark offset case designed to allow the chronograph buttons to be operated at speed on a motorcycle. It’s the ideal mix of form and function and surely the perfect accessory for your Giugiaro-designed motorcycle…

Photos: Seiko x Giugiaro

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