Issey Miyake’s new special edition Seiko is an ode to analogue

Issey Miyake’s longstanding designer Nao Tamura has teamed up with Seiko to create a novel mechanical timepiece that celebrates analogue tradition in a time of ever-increasing digitalisation…


The most prominent features of the ‘1/6’ watch by Seiko and Issey Miyake are the minimalistic ‘Zen-infused’ dial that, to us, recalls classic chronographs and automotive speedometers, the crown discreetly positioned at six o’clock and the retro chain-link bracelet. “Digitisation has certainly brought us convenience,” comments the fashion brand Issey Miyake’s designer Nao Tamura, “but it has also caused us to lose sight of the joy of discovering new things and the satisfaction of learning from the experience.” Priced between 590–635 US dollars and available in three colour combinations, the watch is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement that boasts 41 hours of power reserve. Tamura suggests you can effectively feel it ticking in your hands, and just by looking at the watch, we can well believe her. 

Photos: Issey Miyake 

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